We are always looking at innovative solutions

Grande Meccanica is always looking at innovative solutions, new technologies and improvement of existing ones.
We established important connections with Engineering Companies and Universities.
At the same time, important EPC Companies as BASELL, INEOS and predecessors Montell and Himont, recognize Grande Meccanica as an important partner to develop new technologies.
GM started at the beginning of 2018 an important cooperation with two of the main Engineering and Chemical University Centers in Italy to develop new Processes and new Technologies for specific Vessels.
This will be our most important challenge for 2018 that will make Grande Meccanica one of the most important and high-tech Companies in the world.
Not only engineering and production, Grande Meccanica is investing time and resources to develop Innovative Software Solution for Commercial and Proposal Department, simulating 3D modelling since the initial stage of estimation and technological and high-detail formulation of the Offer.

grande meccanica project

Our aim is the full Customer Satisfation

We work to satisfy the customer requirements in terms of Technology, Reliability and Innovation.


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